A multi-purpose music blog, covering music I buy, listen to, and see live. And any other semi-relevant musings.

It will cover a broad spectrum including rock, pop, jazz, classical and folk. But no harpsichords and no twee “hey nonny” music – very much “Hey Nonny NO!”

The origins of this blog came from my inheriting about 1000 LPs from my dad, split about 50/50 between classical and other stuff – the original plan was to slowly work our way through his collection, working out what we liked and what we didn’t (cough harpsichords cough), blogging as we went.

This was at a time when we were starting to discover classical music, partly through a friend who plays in an orchestra in Exeter.
However, having started to listen to some of my dad’s records and occasionally blogging about it on tumblr, I started buying vinyl again – second hand from charity shops and car boot sales, as well as new. This meant that we were listening to our own records more than my dad’s.

A friend has also just started her own blog about the country music gigs she goes to, and it got me thinking I should do something similar, including writing about all of the gigs I’ve been to in the past.

So the plan is to write about anything to do with music that takes my fancy – the records that we buy and listen to, the bits of my dad’s collection that we listen to, the concerts we go to – and any other music-related things that spring to mind when we see or hear something interesting on TV or radio, or even when we read a good book about music.