Mozart Divertimenti KV 113, 137 & 251 – Academy Chamber Ensemble (1986, Philips 420 181-1)

This is the last of tonight’s flurry of activity – a surprisingly pleasant bit of Chamber Orchestra Mozart. I have no idea what a Divertimeno is, but it’s actually been a pleasant listen and this will be a keeper. OK, a quick consult of Wikipedia tells me a Divertimento is a light-hearted piece of music intended to be played at a social occasion. That explains the up-beat nature of it. To my untrained ear, the Continue Reading

Mozart – Serenade for Thirteen Wind Instruments, wind soloists of The Chamber Orchestra of Europe (1985, ASV COE804)

As SWMBO and I have managed to make a bit of a dent in our usual backlog of Nordic Noir (the Virgin box is less than 70% full!), we thought we’d dip into my dad’s classical vinyl – which is, after all, the whole point of this badly neglected blog. This LP was picked completely at random, and we’ve decided to keep it. SWMBO set a timer when she put it on, to see how Continue Reading