An update…

So here we are with this new blog, which replaces the “My Dad’s Vinyl” Tumblr account. I’ve copied all of the Tumblr posts over to here, and have supplemented it with some Twitter posts from the last couple of years, which might hopefully give a feel for the sort of thing I want to do on here.


A slightly different bit of listening this evening, but you can’t beat the sound of a Rolls Royce Merlin… I have a complaint – there’s no Avro Lancaster on here, 4 Merlins is an awesome sound. Couldn’t they get the rights for it?

A quick intro

I have inherited about 1000 LPs from my dad and we’re trying to work out what to keep. When we have a quiet evening, we’re going to pick an album and listen to it – it might only be a little bit of it if it’s particularly awful – and then we’re going to write a post about it. For the record, we’re rock fans and my dad wasn’t. The LPs are about a 50:50 Continue Reading