A quick intro

I have inherited about 1000 LPs from my dad and we’re trying to work out what to keep. When we have a quiet evening, we’re going to pick an album and listen to it – it might only be a little bit of it if it’s particularly awful – and then we’re going to write a post about it.

For the record, we’re rock fans and my dad wasn’t. The LPs are about a 50:50 split of classical and rock/pop/folk/random oddities – we’ve only been listening to classical music for a few years, and as classical numpties we don’t really know what we like yet, so there’s plenty there to learn from.

For the hardware geeks, we’ve also got his hi-fi system – a Linn Sondek LP12, Obelisk 3 amp and Linn Kan speakers. Yes, I know…

There may be two of us posting – myself (shendy) and my other half, Lunacy Towers. I may refer to her as SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) and she may refer to me as Captain Sunshine. It’s entirely possible that there will be disagreements – fortunately there isn’t any Johnny Mathis so we don’t have to argue about whether or not the production on When A Child Is Born is amazing.

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