Charity Shop Pickings

Aretha Franklin: I picked this up at a charity shop today and it’s just as good as you’d hope – the disc is in tip-top condition too, not a pop or click on it. A definite keeper. I also took a punt on this – I’m not a huge fan of big band/swing stuff but I’d heard of Gene Krupa and an album by two drummers sounded interesting. And it’s great, unchallenging listening, drums to Continue Reading

“More of Tom Lehrer” 1959, Decca Records LF1323 (10″)

I absolutely have to start with this. I can’t remember how old I was when my dad first played this to me – maybe 10-11 or so – but you can imagine the impact a song like “Poisoning Pigeons In The Park” had on me, bloody hilarious. I must have been having proper science lessons at school because “The Elements” resonated too – such a clever song. Mind you, I had no idea at the time who Continue Reading