Charity Shop Pickings

Aretha Franklin: I picked this up at a charity shop today and it’s just as good as you’d hope – the disc is in tip-top condition too, not a pop or click on it. A definite keeper.

I also took a punt on this – I’m not a huge fan of big band/swing stuff but I’d heard of Gene Krupa and an album by two drummers sounded interesting. And it’s great, unchallenging listening, drums to the fore and lots of fills. Another keeper.

I’ve done well for charity shop records recently, SWMBO has actually enjoyed them, no insistence on a bit of Frank or Edith to make up for it. The fact that I’ve been buying jazz rather than 80s singles may play a part in this.

This one was particularly good – Django Reinhart and Stephane Grapelli.

I found a Dudley Moore jazz album last Christmas but sent it to my #vinylsanta – I was tempted to keep it. And then while looking for a record for #vinylsanta in December I found another one. A cracking bit of jazz piano, there was a lot more to him than Pete & Dud and 10.

Nat King Cole and Duke Ellington albums are always going to go down well, and these two didn’t disappoint.

This was a bit of a punt – I wouldn’t say no if any Scott Walker albums turned up, but this Walker Brothers album was actually pretty decent.

Those last 5 albums came from one shop on one visit – probably the best haul I’ve had.

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