An Evening’s Listening

And we’re back – I’ve been digging through my dad’s vinyl today and cataloguing, so we’re listening to some of it to see if we want to keep it.

First up this evening, Peter Paul and Mary.

Yeah, not great. Anything with a song called “I dig rock and roll music” is trying too hard to be down with the trendy hepcats. We’re hanging on for Puff the Magic Dragon…

Not a keeper. Average of £4.99 on Discogs to maybe worth selling.

Next up, Tomita
I’m writing this before dropping the needle. I have low expectations of something labelled “the newest sound of Debussy”

Quote from SWMBO – “turn that off”. I concur.
That lasted about 15 seconds, across 2 tracks.

I must be a masochist…

The Star Wars theme was ghastly. Now trying Pictures at an Exhibition to see what else he ruins…

The Tomita was bloody awful, and we have now reached the Drake Line – the point in the evening where SWMBO is so pissed off with what I’ve put on that she insists on some Nick Drake to make up for it.

Louis Armstrong: On safer ground here

Oh – really early, not my thing. This won’t be any better – same era.

Now a bit of Marianne Faithfull.

It wasn’t awful, so we tried an earlier one. Described by SWMBO as “a bit Mick Jagger solo album”, which is not a compliment. Didn’t last long at all…

Chris Barber: Now this is quite jolly

Carmel: This is quite modern – and rather nice. We’ll keep this on over dinner.

Jon Anderson: Oh my word, that’s as bloody awful as I expected. I really don’t get on with Jon Anderson’s voice – but for some reason like some of the stuff he did with Vangelis.

Soundtrack: We’ve just tried the soundtrack to the film 1969 (no, me neither – Robert Downey jr and Winona Ryder apparently) and it’s storming – Hendrix, Cream, Blind Faith, Zombies, CS&N. And some godawful late 80s power ballad. A keeper at last!

Osibisa: How bad is this going to be?? 1971 and a Roger Dean sleeve though – which is perhaps not a good sign…
But it’s got a flugelhorn on it!

It’s not dire, although SWMBO seems not to agree.
My first reaction is not to dump it.

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