Buying Vinyl – Toyah

The car boot sale this morning had thin pickings, apart from one stall with masses of pretty good looking vinyl – as long as you like 50s rock n roll. Which doesn’t really do it for me.

The only thing of real interest I found was a 10″ Django Reinhardt record, with Stephane Grapelli – it’s actually a Hot Club de France record, and they are very listenable.

The best buy of recent days came on Friday when I wandered down to Relics on Deanery Road in Bristol – it sells second-hand records and hi-fi gear. They don’t have a massive selection of records but some of it is pretty good. Upstairs there’s a box full of 7″ singles – I didn’t have time to trawl through it on a previous visit so went back specifically for that. And I did quite well out of it – Squeeze’s “Cool for Cats” in a picture sleeve, Slade’s “Coz I Love You”, but the best one was this

I’ve been gradually accumulating Toyah 7″ singles over the last year or so (I think this takes me to 8), but this is the one that I wanted.
It cost me 33p – the box was “3 for £1” – which I’m quite pleased with!

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