Ravel: Bolero; Mussorgsky-Ravel: Pictures at an Exhbition

Deutsche Grammophon 139010Berlin Philharmonic, Herbert von Karajan This a keeper – two pieces of music that I know, one of which I really like (Bolero).And yes, I probably know Pictures at an Exhibition more from Emerson Lake & Palmer that I do from classical versions. If you haven’t seen the ballet of Bolero, look it up. I recommend the Sylvie Guillem version.

The Best of Aaron Copland

CBS Classics 614311970 This is a little unexpected – you don’t see many “Best Of” albums in the classical world. It opens, of course, with Fanfare For The Common Man. I can’t hear the start of it without expecting it to burst into the bass-driven Emerson Lake and Palmer version. Which is probably heresy, but that’s my rock background for you. The rest of it (El Salon Mexico, Celebration from “Billy The Kid”, Hoe Down Continue Reading

Cantate Domino

Oscars Moteekor; Torsten Nilsson; Alf Linder; Marianne MellnasPROP 77621980 Next random selection and it’s organ music, which was unexpected. There was a specific section in my dad’s collection for organ music, and all of that has (rightfully) been stashed away in the garage while work out what on earth to do with it. Because the one thing we don’t want to do with it is listen to it.But the rules say that if you pick Continue Reading

Everything You Always Wanted to Hear On The Moog *

* but were afraid to ask forKazdin/ShepherdCBS 73146 I’m having a bit of a blogging day – I’m also blogging some of my photos over at http://www.shendy.co.uk/blog/ – and needed something on in the background, so I’m delving into the random depths of my dad’s vinyl. Dear god, this is as bad as you would think it might be. This is not a keeper!