The Modern Jazz Quartet – LPJT56

I found this in my dad’s collection a couple of weeks ago, and I’d bought one of their LPs earlier in the year – fortunately not the same one.

This is rather pleasant listenable jazz, recorded in the mid 1950s. The main difference is that while it has your regular piano, upright bass and drums, they also have a virtuoso vibraphobe player.

Vibes have a unique sound – warmer and fuller than a glockenspiel or xylophone (linguistic tip for remembering the difference – xylo is latin for wood, so xylophone is the wooden one, glockenspiel is the metal one), and rather nice. About the only other place I can think of that I’ve heard a vibraphone is on Nick Drake’s Saturday Sun – which I think is SWMBO’s favourite on Five Leaves Left.

So, very pleasant for after-dinner listening on a Saturday night after a nice meal and some wine.

This will be moving from my dad’s collection into ours, and will be played again.

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