Lindsay String Quartet – Haydn Op.64, No.5 (The Lark), Op.42 and and Op.76, No.5 (1988, ASV DCA 637)

Ah, string quartets. Unfortunately not my favourite form of classical – being a know-nothing beginner with a rock background, I tend to prefer the orchestral pieces, which is probably because they’re louder.

There is family background to The Lindsays though – my parents were ardent fans and were such regulars at their concerts (in Leicester I think) that they got to know them, to the extent that they played at my dad’s birthday one year!

Yes, it’s all very soothing and lovely background music, but it doesn’t really do it for me. Probably worth keeping though as it’s actually quite listenable and the Lindsays are quite renowned so I assume it’s a decent performance – although I generally wouldn’t know unless there were obvious bum notes…

The fact that I’m proposing to keep it is in no way influenced by the fact that it appears not to be worth anything. No, definitely not.

Apologies for the poor picture on this one – I’m managing on an old borrowed phone while mine is being repaired.

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